Crispy rice has been a staple of cultures for thousands of years. But with limitations for the everyday chef, most of us don't take the time or simply have the understanding of how its prepared. Perfectly crispy rice can never be guaranteed, even for the most experienced of chefs. We've changed that. That's why we designed and built The Crispy Rice Cooker, featuring the only patented rice cooker in the world with a designated fry mode.



The Crispy Rice Cooker is a compact and modernly designed rice cooker. In addition to serving controlled portions, The Crispy Rice Cooker is made out of BPA free & recyclable materials.


The glass lid allows for monitoring of fry levels and is easy to clean with a simple wipe. The Crispy Rice Cooker will automatically switch into fry mode when your rice is cooked. 


 The Crispy Rice Cooker inspires chefs and food enthusiasts world wide with its impressive cooking ability. Our guarantee is PERFECTLY cooked crispy rice everytime. Its versatile capabilities can cook a variety of different ingredients. 

The Crispy Rice Cooker


In today’s culture of instant gratification, you need a versatile appliance that can satisfy all your cravings and emulate your fast paced lifestyle. The Crispy Rice Cooker cooks perfect crispy rice faster than the traditional cooking method, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with friends and family. The worlds first Crispy Rice Cooker that cooks more than just rice.

*Download our recipe Guides below*

We provide some awesome and quick recipes to get you started. Just click the recipe link below each video below. Please note that ALL measurements are meant for our black measuring cup that we provide with every unit. One full cup of water in our measuring cup is a 1/2 cup of water in a standard measuring cup. Please email for any questions.





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